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Nutrend Vitamin C with rosehips 100 tablets

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Nutrend Vitamín C se šípky 100 tablet
Price with VAT : 120,- CZK
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Total discount:20 %
Original price with VAT:150,- CZK
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Category: food supplement / food for special nutrition / others
Packing: 100 capsules
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Price with VAT: 120,- CZK
NUTREND vitamin C with rose hips has a prolonged effect thanks to ground-breaking composition. Fill vitamin C with an improved formula with an arrow. Buy Nutrend's high-quality sports nutrition now with a significant discount for all. Nutrend Vitamin C with rose hips may be missing in your sports training. Fill Vitamin C and support the activities of the organism during performance in sports or ac

NUTREND Vitamin C with rose hips 100 caps - DESCRIPTION:

Very favorably affects the immune system, enhance immunity. Vitamin C arrow has prolonged effect and is an antioxidant which helps to destroy free radicals. Rosehip is a source of bioflavonoids, which enhance the effects of vitamin C. It accelerates all remedial processes in the body, such as wound healing, burns and damage to connective tissues.

NUTREND Vitamin C with rose hips 100 caps - EFFECTS:

* Supplement vitamin C in infections, increased physical exercise, stress, smoking.
Vitamin C is among the water-soluble vitamins in our body and performs many important functions:
* In the formation of a hard kind of connective tissue collagen, which is necessary for growth of the organism and the repair of damaged connective tissue
* Participates in the absorption of iron
* Positively affects the body's defenses and during viral and bacterial infections
* Acts as an antioxidant, thereby increasing protection against tumor growth
Rosehip comprises addition of vitamin C other active substances, which is adjacent to carotenes and vitamin B important vitamin P, which is a complex of bioflavonoids, an important part of the routine. Bioflavonoids naturally accompany vitamin C and increase their effect.
NUTREND Vitamin C with rose hips 100 caps - use:
The recommended dosage is one tablet a day, preferably after physical activity or bedtime. Do not exceed recommended dosage. Swallow the tablet with plenty of drinks. They are not suitable Alcoholic and milk drinks. Do not chew! Once opened, store at 10-25 ° C and use within 3 months

NUTREND Vitamin C with rose hips 100 caps - CAUTION:

Food supplement. Not for children under 3 years! It does not replace a varied diet. Keep out of reach of children! It does not contain substances of doping character. Store in a dry place below 25 ° C away from direct sunlight. Do not freeze. The manufacturer is not liable for any damages caused by improper usage or storage.

NUTREND Vitamin C with rose hips 100 caps - PACKAGE:

Plastic jar containing 100 capsules.

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