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Nutrend ISODRINX 840 g flavor bitter lemon

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Nutrend ISODRINX isotonický nápoj 840 g
Nutrend ISODRINX isotonický nápoj 840 g
Nutrend ISODRINX 840 g - pomeranč
Nutrend ISODRINX 840 g - bitter lemon
Nutrend ISODRINX 840 g - zelené jablko
Nutrend ISODRINX 840 g - grep
Price with VAT : 295,- CZK
VAT:15 %
Total discount:18 %
Original price with VAT:360,- CZK
Availability:In Stock ( flavor bitter lemon )
Code: 11239X
Category: Food for special nutrition
Packing: 840 g
Price with VAT: 295,- CZK
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Nutrend ISODRINX is isotonic instant concentrate in different flavors designed to replenish fluids, especially after exercising. Beverage ISODRINX advantage is increased carbohydrate content and balanced mineral content. Complete range including ISODRINX buy now at an even better price by experts in sports nutrition for! Save on purchase with us and you.

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