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Herbalife USA cellular nutrition with substitute F4 - Formula 1 (750 g), Florafiber (90 tablets), Multivitamin Complex (90 tablets), Fish Oil (50 capsules), Cell-U-Loss (90 tablets)

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Herbalife USA Buněčná výživa (5 složek, koktejl 750 g)
Herbalife USA Buněčná výživa (5 složek, koktejl 750 g)
Herbalife F1 čokoláda 780 g
Herbalife Florafiber 90 tablet - dovoz USA
Herbalife Multivitamin Complex 90 tablet
VitaHarmony Rybí olej - 50 tobolek
Herbalife Cell-U-Loss - 90 tablet
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Price with VAT: 2 669,- CZK
Herbalife Formula 1 - Healty Meal Cocktail 750 g
Herbalife Florafiber 90 tablets ─ USA import
Multivitamin Complex 90 tablets ─ USA import
VitaHarmony Fish Oil ─ 50 capsules
Herbalife Cell─U─Loss 90 tablets─ USA import
Herbalife Cell Nutrition is the core product of HERBALIFE's range of products. Cellular nutrition contains high-quality products, especially Formula 1 cocktail and Multivitamin Complex. Buy the product at a great price with us today.
Herbalife Formula 1 - Cocktail 750 g - CAUTION:
Cocktails are imported directly from the USA, are approved for sale in the country. Composition cocktails Herbalife F1 - 750 g imported from the USA is innovated and corresponds to the latest findings of the scientific advisory board of Herbalife. Cocktail mix varies flowability, wettability, flavor and taste compared to older versions, which you know from CZ distribution.
Cellular Nutrition five components:
- The kit are products with original recipe from the USA rich in vitamins, minerals and other nutrients:
Formula 1 - Cocktail 750g Florafiber 90 tablets, 90 tablets Multivitamin Complex, Fish oil capsules 50 and Cell-U-Loss 90 tablets
Formula 1-750 g - Nourishing cocktail mix for weight control and optimal nutrition to help you get rid of unwanted kilograms. Alternative meals with a high content of soy protein. It provides all the necessary nutrition while containing the minimum amount of calories. It is one of the fundamental components of cell nutrition Herbalife.
Florafiber 90 tablets - Product Florafiber high fiber supplies the body with soluble and insoluble fiber from various plant sources, while natural component of intestinal microflora Lactobacillus acidophilus.
Multivitamin Complex 90 tablets - Multivitamin contains vitamins, minerals and beneficial antioxidants, which neutralize free radicals.
Fish oil capsules 50 - from VitaHarmony® is a mixture of extracts fish oils from salmon, mackerel, herring, sardines and anchovies. It is characterized by a high proportion of the two most powerful foremomega-3 fatty acids EPA - eikosapenteové acid and DHA - acids dokosahesanové.
Cell-U-Loss 90 tablets - composition is designed to support the elimination of waste matter and helps to maintain the natural water balance in the body if the body is simultaneously supplied with at least 2 liters of water per day.
Cellular nutrition is probably the most famous Herbalife product on the Czech market. Nutrition is an essential component of advanced programs Herbalife.
Serves to detoxify the body from harmful substances and improving nutrient absorption. Furthermore organism gives all the necessary vitamins, minerals and other nutrients in well balanced daily doses. Finally, you can also use cellular nutrition to modify body weight, either lose weight in the reduction program or program realimentačním gaining muscle mass.
To increase the effect of the reduction mode, we recommend a combination with herbal drink Thermojetics, which promotes the process of lipolysis (breakdown of fats) and contributes mainly to shaping.
The first phase of the so-called cellular nutrition. Detoxification (cleansing the body from toxic substances). For each person manifests itself quite individually and someone wearing a cleansing process may not even notice. Detoxification occurs within about the first two to three days. The most common symptoms of detoxification include headache, fatigue, or digestive problems like constipation or diarrhea. This situation is only temporary and in the correct dosage and in particular the correct drinking regime disappear within a few days.
Basically detoxify happens that due to the action of herbs included mainly as tablets Fiber and Herb (formerly Formula 2) start to release from adipose tissues and gastrointestinal harmful substances. These harmful substances are mainly stored in the digestive tract in the form of an emulsion, which covers the intestinal wall and dramatically reduces the body's ability to absorb nutrients.
Now this limit nutrient uptake has resulted in the majority of minor health problems such as brittle nails, hair and fringe, headaches, fatigue, etc.. The long-term lack of nutrients can occur much more serious health problems. It is usually ranked among the so-called. Lifestyle diseases.
Now limited body's ability to take up nutrients from food is mostly why multivitamin preparations or vitamins purchased at a pharmacy fails to meet the expectations that we put into them.
The next phase of action Cellular Nutrition is a complex nourish the body in exactly balanced daily doses. The fact that all the nutrients are in the exact ratio is very important because the human body imbalanced intake of some nutrients harmful.
The principle of weight control with cellular nutrition is simple, based on calorie balance. If one takes more calories than issues, the body stores the excess calories in inventory and weight increases. If one yields more calories than you take, the body draws on its reserves calorie and weight is reduced. That man gave more calories than you take, we can on one hand be achieved by increasing physical activity eg. Exercise or reducing caloric intake. This we shall now detail.
Reduce calorie intake, it sounds very simple, but in practice it is not so simple might not. Anyone who wanted to lose weight, he auditioned strike. After several days of starvation, although the weight of several kilograms is reduced, but what is then our dismay when after a week of normal meals weight swings several kilograms over the value prior to fasting. These are called. JO-JO effect that besides hunger also occurs in the majority of "guaranteed diet" (eg. Different pineapple tablets, Ultra eat'n '... diet watercolor, cabbage etc.). In layman's terms, this effect is caused by man during the "weight loss" does not accept nearly all the necessary nutrients and organisms suffer (because it is also a common symptom of fatigue). After returning to normal eating your body starts to build up inventories in the event that such a diet would be repeated again. It is also interesting that inventories are up about one-third larger than usual.
Cellular Nutrition provides a very easy way to reduce calorie intake and thus weight control. Yo-yo effect is degraded so that the body gets all the materials it needs, and therefore after the program has a tendency to create some supplies. Hunger is dampened herbs contained in Fiber & Herb tablets and F5 (Cell-u-loss). Formula 5 also helps drain the fat tissue, which helps against cellulite.
Cellular nutrition can also be used to adjust the weights upwards. Make no mistake, it does not gain weight. Realimentační mode (ie. Dovyživení mode) is used either for people recovering from a long illness, when they need to gain weight, or for athletes who need to increase the muscle mass. An increase in muscle mass is of course subject to regular exercise. This mode is the regeneration mode (only cleansing the body) and reducing (and cleansing the body weight loss) differs in that it is administered 3 times daily low energy easily digestible protein drinks (Formula 1). The protein contained in Formula 1 are transformed into the body of human proteins, and these are then used for muscle mass.
Sales of this product is governed by the provisions of paragraph 13 of the GTC web

Ingredients - Herbalife USA cellular nutrition with substitute F4 - Formula 1 (750 g), Florafiber (90 tablets), Multivitamin Complex (90 tablets), Fish Oil (50 capsules), Cell-U-Loss (90 tablets)

You can find information to each component of this set at its sites.  

Supplement facts - Herbalife USA cellular nutrition with substitute F4 - Formula 1 (750 g), Florafiber (90 tablets), Multivitamin Complex (90 tablets), Fish Oil (50 capsules), Cell-U-Loss (90 tablets)

You can find information to each component of this set at its sites.  

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