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LR Aloe Vera Emergency Spray 30 ml

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LR Aloe Vera Spray "první pomoci" 30 ml
Manufacturer:LR Health & Beauty
Price with VAT : 159,- CZK
VAT:21 %
Total discount:20 %
Original price with VAT:199,- CZK
Availability:In Stock
Category: food supplement / food for special nutrition / others
Packing: 30 ml
Price with VAT: 159,- CZK
Emergency Spray SOS is suitable to the affected areas of the skin, has a high content of Aloe Vera. Aloe vera gel cools.
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LR Aloe Vera Spray "first aid" 30 ml - Description:

This spray is for its excellent properties suitable to every family. It is suitable for all kinds of burns (redness of the skin while tanning in the sun, scalding and surface abrasions all over his body), it immediately calms the affected area and its healing effect accelerates the healing of the lesion. Very good effect and calms the overall tension of the skin all over the body, giving it freshness and especially humidity, significantly effect on bruises, bruised spots and bruises. Promotes healing of diaper rash (children's buttocks), bedsores. It also helps remove any skin problems (mycosis, athlete's foot and nail). High content of Aloe Vera Gel acts in the alternative in the treatment of inflammation of the middle ear, sinuses, runny nose, throat, tonsils, throat inflammation. It is useful as an adjunct in the treatment of bronchitis and pneumonia repeatedly applied on chest. Similarly operating as in the treatment of herpes belt. With ocular swabs placing on the eye after 10 minutes brings relief eyes.

LR Aloe Vera Spray "first aid" 30 ml - EFFECTS:

- For all kinds of burns
- Promotes healing of diaper rash (children's buttocks), bedsores
- Helps remove any skin problems
- Support for treating otitis media, nasal cavity, rhinitis, throat, tonsillitis, throat
- Suitable as an adjunct in the treatment of bronchitis and pneumonia
- Supporting effect in the treatment of cold sores belt
- Brings relief to the eyes

LR Aloe Vera Spray "first aid" 30 ml - USE:

If necessary, spray the skin.
A package in any home medicine cabinet - 30 ml

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