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Extrifit Agrezz 20,8 g flavor raspberry

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Extrifit Agrezz 20,8 g
Price with VAT : 38,- CZK
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Category: food supplement / food for special nutrition / others
Packing: 20,8 g
Price with VAT: 38,- CZK
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Extrifit Agrezz is a food supplement suitable for athletes and those who are in high physical stress, especially. It is mainly used by bodybuilders who try to gain maximum muscle mass.


Maximally pumped muscles, perfect concentration on training, real intensity! A professional product designed to maximize the performance, strength and strength of bodybuilders but of all athletes whose performance has a strength-endurance character such as hockey players, MMA wrestlers.

We bring you the ultimate novelty from Extrifit! Agrezz® is a professional product designed to maximize the performance, strength and strength of bodybuilders but of all athletes whose performance has a strength-endurance character such as hockey players, MMA wrestlers, etc. Agrezz® can eliminate laziness and significantly prolong the length and intensity of strength training . The effect of maximizing concentration on performance is a striking effect, as confirmed by practically all respondents who were able to test Agrezz® before marketing.
The effect of this product is given by a unique combination of stimulants of nitric oxide production of citrulline, beta alanine and arginine, caffeine and taurine stimulants, bitter orange (synephrine), green tea extract, black pepper (piperine) extract, choline , Tyrosine and DMAE.

A great benefit of the product is zero carbohydrate and fat content, making it suitable for all who want to engrave. Moreover, thanks to the content of active substances such as green tea, piperine, choline and inositol, which influence the metabolism of fats, it promotes its burning.

Agrezz® will also bring you a pleasant taste experience, we offer it in great flavors. And if you do not have to dispense the powder from the big pack or impractically carry it with you for training, we have prepared the product in sachets where the dose is perfectly accurate, the bag is small and practical wherever you can carry it and if necessary dissolve In the water - and the drink is done.

EFFECT: EXTRIFIT Agrezz 20,8 g

For further information on this product, we can unfortunately not be disclosed as it would be health claims which can not be disclosed, in accordance with the Regulation of the European Parliament and Regulation (EC) No 1924/2006. We only publish the health claims approved by the European Commission. As an example, we agreed to claim a health claim for the water: "It contributes to the maintenance of normal physical and cognitive functions, contributes to the maintenance of normal regulation of body temperature", whereby the water must also be informed that to the claimed effect Must provide a daily intake of at least 2 liters of water. Let every visitor draw their own conclusions.

USE: EXTRIFIT Agrezz 20.8 g

Beginner and low weight 1/2 bag, advanced 1 bag.
Dissolve the bag contents 15-20 minutes before training in 200-300 ml of water. Then drink immediately.
Before you start taking the test, take a half-dose test to check if you have any hypersensitivity to any of the substances involved or you do not experience any side effects.

WARNING: EXTRIFIT Agreement 20.8 g

Suitable for athletes. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose. Not intended for children, lactating and pregnant women. Keep out of the reach of children. Not intended as a substitute for a varied diet. Store in a cool dry place, away from direct sunlight. Use within 3 months of opening.


20,8 g

Ingredients - Extrifit Agrezz 20,8 g

INGREDIENTS: Extrifit Agrezz 20,8 g

Active substances:


L-citrulin DL-malát 6500 mg
Beta alanin 4000 mg
Taurin 2000 mg
Arginin Base 1695 mg
Tyrosin 1000 mg
Cholin 1000 mg
Inosin 1000 mg
L-arginin 500 mg
Green tea extract 250 mg
caffeine anhydrous 200 mg
DMAE Bitart 54 mg

Supplement facts - Extrifit Agrezz 20,8 g

NUTRITION FACTS: Extrifit Agrezz 20,8 g

Nutrition Facts

20,8 g

Calories 50 kcal
Protein 0,4 g
Total Carbohydrate 0,5 g
- Sugars 0 g
- Polyols 0 g
- Starch 0 g
Total Fat 0 g
- Saturated Fat 0 g
- Mono-unsaturated Fat  0 g
- Poly-unsaturated Fat 0 g
- Cholesterol 0 g
Dietary Fiber 0 g
Sodium 0,1 g

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Customer reviews - Extrifit Agrezz 20,8 g

10.01.2019 18:57

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