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Weleda Combudoron Ointment 25 g

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Weleda Combudoron mast 25 g
Price with VAT : 229,- CZK
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Original price with VAT:249,- CZK
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Category: food supplement / food for special nutrition / others
Packing: 25 g
Weleda Combudoron Ointment soothes skin exposed to excessive sunlight or insect bites. Effectively numb, alleviate pain and accelerate the regeneration of affected skin.

DESCRIPTION: Weleda Combudoron Ointment 25 g

Weleda Combudoron ointment soothes and disinfects irritated charred skin due to the content of plant extracts and alcohol. Tiling of lotion should be applied on a reddish skin after sunburn, for minor burns and insect bites.
Thanks to extracts of arnica and nettle calms the skin  stops burn and sting faster. Plant extracts alleviate pain, promote faster regeneration of the skin and prevents inflammation.
Combudoron ointment irritated or burned effectively disinfect the place, numb, alleviate pain and accelerate the regeneration of affected skin.
Thanks to an alcoholic skin immediately and disinfect and prevent the growth of microorganisms. It is thus the effective prevention against inflammation. Arnica extract promotes regeneration of tissues and accelerates healing, while the extract of nettle soothes and relieves skin irritation.
Arnica - arnica flower tincture is preparing to play in naturopathy important role. Arnica is used for sprains, thrombosis, blood bruises and contusions, inflammation of the oral mucosa, for the preparation of compression and for skin diseases. In homeopathy is used as an anti-convulsant, and a regulator circulation.

EFFECTS: Weleda Combudoron Ointment 25 g

For more information about this product, unfortunately, we can not be disclosed because it would be in accordance with Regulation of the European Parliament and Council Regulation (EC) no. 1924/2006 health claims that can not be disclosed. We publish only those health claims that have been approved by the European Commission. As an example, approved a health claim for the water we claim: "It contributes to the maintenance of normal physical and cognitive functions, contributes to the maintenance of normal regulation of body temperature." Wherein the water must also be consumer is informed that in order to obtain the claimed effect must provide a daily intake of at least 2 liters of water. Let every visitor of which draw their own conclusion.

USE: Weleda Combudoron Ointment 25 g

Ointment apply once to three times a day until the wound has healed. Do not use on fresh open wound. Mostly used by the second day after the injury to heal wounds, ie. 7-10 days. Immediately after the injury, we recommend using Combudoron tincture or gel.
Tip: You can use inflamed wound so. Ointment dressing: a clean, preferably sterile bandages square Apply ca 0.5 cm thick layer of ointment Combudorn, attach the inflamed area and attach the patch or bandage. Leave for several hours, preferably overnight.

WARNING: Weleda Combudoron Ointment 25 g

Store in a dry to a temperature of 25°C. Do not expose to sunlight. Keep out of the reach of children. Do not apply to broken skin and allergy to arnica.

PACKAGING: Weleda Combudoron Ointment 25 g

25 g

Ingredients - Weleda Combudoron Ointment 25 g

INGREDIENTS: Weleda Combudoron Ointment 25 g

arnica extract and nettle, refined sesame oil, lanolin, beeswax, alcohols, lanolin, alcohol, water

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