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Energy Organic Raw Ambrosia pieces 100 g

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Energy Raw Ambrosia pieces 100 g
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Packing: 100 g
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Energy Raw Ambrosia pieces is a food supplement of bee pollen that people use in energy loss and poor vitality and stimulate sexual activity

DESCRIPTION: Energy Organic Raw Ambrosia pieces 100 g

Energy Raw Ambrosia is a nutritional supplement comprising Ambrosia a hive pollen biologically fermented by the action of specific bacteria and enzymes.
This is the ultimate product Apitherapy rich and important body extremely beneficial natural substances. Product falls into the category of so-called Green foods.
Ambrosia contains the necessary proteins (including all essential amino acids), minerals and trace elements (e.g. selenium and which otherwise occur almost natural products), phytohormones and almost the complete spectrum of vitamin B. All these substances are biologically balanced and act synergistically. Raw Ambrosia is suitable at the time of increased mental and physical load in the recovery period and post-operative conditions in appetite, weight loss, disorders of physical and mental development. It works on the development of a child's body.
Ambrosia has beneficial effects on hormonal activity, so its effects will enhance significantly the meantime Country. Ambrosia from ages perceive as "food of the gods" and states that "God created us in his image." If you omit religious images, left us a simple metaphor of a "food itself underlies the importance of our being," adding to the deepest earth, a primordial substance in us.
Ambrosia affects primarily the channels of the stomach, pancreas and spleen, hence the small and large intestine, heart, pericardium and three fireplaces.

1. From the carefully selected locations, represent the essence of the best natural resources.
2. We believe that in terms of purity and effect in this category, you will not find better products. If so, we are ready to return the invested funds.
Everywhere outside third collection from the wild we are working with certified bio / organic materials.
4. Each package contains huge amounts of beneficial substances the body.
5. Selection of products for the customer is very easy and intuitive.
6. Are suitable for daily use.
7. Individual products can be easily and non-combined.
8. Always find a suitable product for any daily rhythm or season.
9. Are inspirational, usable directly or through creative recipes.
10. Suitable for everyone.

EFFECT: Energy Organic Raw Ambrosia pieces 100 g

For more information about this product, unfortunately, we can not be disclosed because it would be in accordance with Regulation of the European Parliament and Council Regulation (EC) no. 1924/2006 health claims that can not be disclosed. We publish only those health claims that have been approved by the European Commission. As an example, approved a health claim for the water we claim: "It contributes to the maintenance of normal physical and cognitive functions, contributes to the maintenance of normal regulation of body temperature." Wherein the water must also be consumer is informed that in order to obtain the claimed effect must provide a daily intake of at least 2 liters of water. Let every visitor of which draw their own conclusion.

USE: Energy Organic Raw Ambrosia pieces 100 g

1 - 2 tablespoon per day (1 teaspoon = 4 g).

WARNING: Energy Organic Raw Ambrosia pieces 100 g

The product is not intended for children under 3 years! Use during pregnancy and breast-feeding consult your doctor. Dietary supplements are not intended to substitute varied diet. Do not exceed the recommended dosage.
Store in dry, away from direct sunlight at a temperature of 10-25 °C. Do not freeze. Keep out of reach of children.

PACKAGING: Energy Organic Raw Ambrosia pieces 100 g

100 g

Ingredients - Energy Organic Raw Ambrosia pieces 100 g

INGREDIENTS: Energy Organic Raw Ambrosia pieces 100 g

fermented bee pollen Perga - 100%

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