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Herbalife Thermojetics Herbal Concentrate - Herbal Concentrate - 102 g (price valid when purchasing two or more pieces)

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2x Thermojetics 102 g příchuť broskev
2x Thermojetics 102 g příchuť broskev
2x Thermojetics 102 g příchuť citrón
2x Thermojetics 102 g příchuť malina
2x Thermojetics 102 g příchuť skořice
2x Thermojetics 102 g příchuť tradiční
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Packing: 102 g
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Discount after registration! Instant mixture composed of a series of teas and herbs that positively influence the course of the metabolism of fats in the body.

The product is supplied from the USA and was originally designed for the US sales. The product is manufactured in the USA. The products supplied from the United States are approved for sale in the EU. Composition is innovated and corresponds to the latest findings of Herbalife Scientific Board.

DESCRIPTION: Herbalife Thermojetics Herbal Concentrate

Instant herbal drink Thermojetics is made according to a patented recipe. It is a mixture of several Chinese and Indian herbs and teas. In addition to normal body fat, it also supports the process of LDL-cholesterol degradation (so-called bad cholesterol, which has a significant role in the development of cardiovascular diseases). Supporting calorie digestion also has the advantage that the Thermojetics drink delivers energy very quickly. Here, the caffeine and tea extracts are added to the beverage. Thermojetics also dampens feelings of hunger. It is especially suitable for shaping the figure because it affects subcutaneous fatty tissue. The drink tastes great both warm and cold.
Delicious low calorie tea blend based on green teas containing caffeine and extracts of hibiscus, mallow and cardamom.

EFFECTS: Herbalife Thermojetics Herbal Concentrate

For more information about this product, unfortunately, we can not be disclosed because it would be in accordance with Regulation of the European Parliament and Council Regulation (EC) no. 1924/2006 health claims that can not be disclosed. We publish only those health claims that have been approved by the European Commission. As an example, approved a health claim for the water we claim: "It contributes to the maintenance of normal physical and cognitive functions, contributes to the maintenance of normal regulation of body temperature." Wherein the water must also be consumer is informed that in order to obtain the claimed effect must provide a daily intake of at least 2 liters of water. Let every visitor of which draw their own conclusion.

ACTIVE SUBSTANCE: Herbalife Thermojetics Herbal Concentrate

The main active substances include:
* Green Tea Extract
* Cardamom seed extract
* Hibiscus flower extract
* Natural caffeine in powder - caffeine is an alkaloid

DOSAGE: Herbalife Thermojetics Herbal Concentrate

One "mocca" spoon into 0.2 liter of liquid (cold or hot water) twice a day. Best morning, instead of morning coffee and after lunch. Given that Thermojetics is a tea concentrate, it can of course be mixed into black or green tea. This dosage is particularly useful when we want to achieve a rapid flow of energy. If you mix the daily dose (2 "mocca" spoonfuls) in a larger amount of water (the ideal one is a 1.5 liter bottle) and you will drink continuously, Thermojetics will help you suppress feelings of hunger. We do not recommend drinking too much because it can cause unpleasant feelings in more sensitive people. People who have tried not to sleep for the coffee they drink in the evening do not recommend eating in the late afternoon or evening, because they can have the same "consequences."

CAUTION: Herbalife Thermojetics Herbal Concentrate

Thermojetics contains an increased amount of caffeine, so it is not suitable for children under 14, pregnant and nursing women, caffeine-sensitive people and people with high blood pressure. For hypertension, it is not advisable to use Thermojetics at higher concentrations because its higher concentration increases blood pressure. In case of high blood pressure complications, it is advisable to consult with the attending physician on the appropriateness of using Thermojetics continuously at low concentrations (eg by mixing the entire daily dose into 2l of fluid and gradually wiping it throughout the day).

PACKAGING: Herbalife Thermojetics Herbal Concentrate

102 g
- flavors: traditional, lemon, peach, raspberry, cinnamon

Ingredients - Herbalife Thermojetics Herbal Concentrate - Herbal Concentrate - 102 g (price valid when purchasing two or more pieces)

LABELS: Herbalife Thermojetics Herbal Concentrate

Traditional (original) 100g - Show » | Lemon 100g - Show » Peach 100g - Show » | Raspberry 100g - Show » | Cinnamon 100g - Show »

Supplement facts - Herbalife Thermojetics Herbal Concentrate - Herbal Concentrate - 102 g (price valid when purchasing two or more pieces)

NUTRITION FACTS: Herbalife Thermojetics Herbal Concentrate 102 g

Nutrition Facts

100 g

Calories 1184 kJ / 278  kcal
Protein 10,6 g
Total Carbohydrate 58,8 g
- Sugars 0 g
- Polyols 0 g
- Starch 0 g
Total Fat 0,1 g
- Saturated Fat 0 g
- Mono-unsaturated Fat 0 g
- Poly-unsaturated Fat 0 g
- Cholesterol 0 g
Dietary Fiber 0 g
Sodium 0,1  g
Kofein 5 g

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