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Extrifit Go Pro 30 Palatinose - 3000 g flavor vanilla

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Go Pro 30
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Packing: 3000 g
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Price with VAT: 1 056,- CZK
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Extrifit Go Pro is a sports drink delicious flavor, which contains TOP protein components. It contains high-quality protein and carbohydrates. Build muscle quickly and get the strength to go to 30! In addition, when you register at a discount as a bonus.

Extrifit Go Pro 30-3000 g - Description: 

GO PRO 30 is a sports drink excellent taste and is designed to build muscle mass and strength. Includes 6 protein sources (30% protein). Their representation is entirely in equality and a value of 16.7%. 

Extrifit Go Pro 30-3000 g - Effects: 

S gainer Go Pro 30 very quickly build muscle mass and gain strength. 6 TOP protein compounds, palatinose (isomaltulose), megadoses L-glutamine and digestive enzymes in addition to perfect utility of all components amounts to from 30 Go To maximally effective sports supplements. This product is built on the top of anabolic products for building mass and strength. Complex boasts a unique composition. 

Extrifit Go Pro 30-3000 g - ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: 

The protein component of the product (30% protein) 
* CFM instant whey protein concentrate 
* CFM instant whey protein isolate 
* Enzymatically hydrolysed whey protein with the highest degree of hydrolysis DH32 
* Micellar casein 
* Beef protein isolate 
* Egg albumin 
* L-Glutamine (the most abundant amino acid in muscle mass) - extremely high dose and the amount of 2,807 mg per 1 scoop. 
The carbohydrate component of the product (50%) 
* Isomaltulose (Palatinose TM) - is represented the largest share. This carbohydrate outstanding performance features for athletes: it has a very low glycemic index and thus a favorable response to insulin (released slowly) while ensuring enough energy, like simple carbohydrates. Ideal for the onset of the gradual release of glucose units is isomaltulose (Palatinose TM) supplemented with maltodextrin and dextrose. 
* GO PRO contains all 30 essential minerals, vitamins and fiber 
* Important is the content of digestive enzymes bromelain and papain - bromelain in the body acts cleavage of protein. They operate mainly anti-inflammatory, especially in the intestinal tract. Papain also among enzymes which cleave proteins. 

Extrifit Go Pro 30-3000 g - use: 

Recommended dosage: 
Depending on the weight, sports activity and diet. Recommended for weight gain and muscle mass decompose dose (2-6 scoops) Go To 30-2 - 3 pieces, that is suitable to consume as a snack between meals. Conversely, when training is always to load. 
1 cup = 45 g. 
Instructions for preparation: 
Contents 1 heaping scoops mixed in 2 ounces of water or skim milk. 

Extrifit Go Pro 30-3000 g - CAUTION: 

Once opened, store in a dry place below 25 ° C, carefully closed. Once opened, use within 6 months. Protect from frost and direct sunlight. Not suitable for children under 6 years of age. The manufacturer is not liable for damages caused by improper usage or storage. The product does not contain substances of doping character. Use by the date indicated on the packaging. Allergy Warning - the product contains protein from cow's milk, including lactose, protein from eggs and soy. 

Extrifit Go Pro 30-3000 g - Packaging: 

Packaging: 3000 g

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